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Third Issue Out: Austria's Young Americanists Showcase


Dear all,

We're happy to announce that we've finally published the third issue of JAAAS, guest-edited by Elisabeth Krieber, Christian Stenico, Christoph Straub, and Roberta Hofer.

This issue features 4 articles:

Barbara Gföllner reads Angie Thomas's The Hate U Give in view of police brutality and BLM (

Juliann Knaus explores colonial diction and mixed-raced representations in Natasha Trethewey's Thrall (

Johannes Vith looks at how Gus Van Sant's Elephant engages with the Columbine High School massacre (

Alekszandra Rokvity examines how punk was "mainstreamed" and thus lost its "power to rebel" (


And we have reviews of:

Jenny Rice's Awful Archives: Conspiracy Theory, Rhetoric, and Acts of Evidence (The Ohio State UP, 2020)

Erwin Feyersinger's Metalepsis in Animation: Paradoxical Transgressions of Ontological Levels (Universitätsverlag Winter, 2017)

Christian Eilers's Paul Austers autobiographische Werke: Stationen einer Schriftstellerkarriere (Universitätsverlag Winter, 2019)

Laura Marcus's Autobiography: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford UP, 2018)

Vassil Hristov Anastassov's Power and Truth in Political Discourse: Language and Ideological Narratives (Cambridge Scholars, 2018)

H. W. Brands's Dreams of El Dorado: A History of the American West (Basic Books, 2019)

Liv Birte Buchmann's Commemorating Abraham Lincoln and the Transnational Way: Lincoln Monuments in Great Britain (Universitätsverlag Winter, 2020)


Thank you for your interest and support.

Best wishes,