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JAAAS Vol. 4, No. 2 and Vol. 5, No. 1 published


Dear friends of JAAAS,

our apologies for the faulty announcements (we are still working out some kinks)! We actually meant to announce the publication of the following not one but two issues!

The 8th issue, co-edited by Michael Fuchs and Stefan Rabitsch, approaches “Digital America.” Articles included in the issue are:

Anna Marta Marini, "Semiospheric Borders and the Erasure of Latinx Subjectivity in Culture Shock and Sleep Dealer" (link)

Michael Fuchs, "Videogames in Horror Movies: Remediation, Metalepsis, Interface Effects, and Fear of the Digital" (link)

Regina Seiwald and Alex Wade, "A Genealogy of Power: The Portrayal of the US in Cold War-Themed Videogames" (link)

Stefan Schubert, "Working-Class Labor in Postapocalyptic America: Affect, Politics, and the 'Forgotten Man' in Death Stranding" (link)

Valentina Romanzi, "Staying Human in the Post-Apocalypse: The Frontiers of Individualism in The Last of Us and Its Sequel" (link)


The 9th issue, “The Childfree Woman in Literature, Film, and Television,” is guest edited by the new Editor-in-Chief, Cornelia Klecker. After her brief note to you, the readers, it includes the following articles:

Cornelia Klecker’s introduction to the special issue, “Childfree Female Characters: Narrating Pronatalism”

Camilla Schwartz’s “Shallow Narcissist or Sad Spinster? Childless Female Characters in Contemporary Popular Film and Television”

Marina Zigneli’s “The Abortion Road Trip Film and the Pronatalist Discourse in the Post-Roe v. Wade US”

Sandra Tausel’s “‘Damned If We Do, Damned If We Don’t’: Ageist Narratives of Reproductive Control”

Martin Holtz’s “Motherhood as Narrative: Sheila Heti’s Wrestling with the Burden of Choice”

Ben Robbins’s “'Marriages ought to be secret': Queer Marriages of Convenience and the Exile Narrative"


This issue also includes two unrelated book reviews:

Jesmyn Ward: New Critical Essays edited by Sheri-Marie Harrison, Arin Keeble, and Maria Elena Torres-Quevedo reviewed by Karla Rohová

Before Modernism: Inventing American Lyric by Virginia Jackson reviewed by Lena E. Leßlhumer


We hope you enjoy the read and the website’s as well as the journal’s new look!


Warmest wishes,

Michael Fuchs and Cornelia Klecker