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Books for Review

Currently, we have copies of the following books for review:

  • Christian Eilers, Paul Austers autobiographische Werke: Stationen einer Schriftstellerkarriere (Winter, 2019)
  • Nadja Gernalzick & Heike C. Spickermann (eds.), Developing Transnational American Studies (Winter, 2019)
  • Ulla Haselstein, Frank Kelleter, Alexander Starre, and Birte Wege (eds.), American Counter/Publics (Winter, 2019)
  • Joy Katzmarzik, Comic Art and Avant-Garde: Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes and the Art of American Newspaper Comic Strips (Winter, 2019)
  • Britta Muszeika, Approaching Whiteness: Acknolwedging Native Americans as Scholars of Reversal in 19th-Century Autobiographical Writings (Winter, 2020)
  • Heike Paul, Ursula Prutsch, and Jürgen Gebhardt (eds.), The Comeback of Populism: Transatlantic Perspectives (Winter, 2019)
  • Philipp Reisner, Cotton Mather als Aufklärer: Glaube und Gesellschaft im Neuengland der Frühen Neuzeit (Vandenhoech & Ruprecht, 2012)
  • Stefan Schubert, Narrative Instability: Destabilizing Identities, Realities, and Textualities in Contemporary American Popular Culture (Winter, 2019)
  • Jens Temmen, The Territorialities of U.S. Imperialism(s): Conflicting Discourses of Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Territory in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Legal Texts and Indigenous Life Writing (Winter, 2020)

If you'd like to review one of these books or a book relevant to American Studies that is not included in this list, please contact our reviews editor, Joshua Parker. Please note that we won't publish any reviews of books written or (co-)edited by members of the editorial board (books by advisory board members are ok).